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Home on De-Nile / Phranken-Runt

These are two of my favorite episodes of Animaniacs! (in fact, they ARE my two favorite episodes, with «Moon Over Minerva», «Ups and Downs» and «Les Miseranimals» being close seconds). The first one is very important to me because it was my first episode of Animaniacs! in more than fifteen years... because I used to hate that show because of the episode «Puttin’ on the Blitz» (episode that I though was incredibly depressing at the time -opinion that just got confirmed by the animation of that particular cartoon -which was just horrible-).

Even when «Home on De-Nile!» isn't an especially funny cartoon, I did enjoyed it more than I was expecting at the time. I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt a warm feeling coming out of it. It had some kind of vibe that reminded me of some of my favorite cartoons of my childhood and those incredibly sunny noons that I spent watching them before heading to school everyday. This cartoon had the power of change my harsh opinion about the show, and thus, it will always have a special place on my heart. My two favorite moments of this cartoon are Furball's cameo and Rita’s song «All Wrapped up in Love» (which I will quote now).

All Wrapped up in Love:

Rita: Oh, you kid
You've got it made 'neath the great pyramid
Gotta say I like this lifestyle
Talkin' 'bout my home on the muddy Nile.

Call me greedy
But give me more; treat me like Queen Nefertiti
Build me a palace fit for Ramses, too
I bet you'd rather be me than you.

Oh, I can't fuss
No longer on a lonely exodus
Gotta tell ya that I'm satisfied
All wrapped up in love like I was mummified.
All wrapped up in love...
Bra doot da doot da doot doo dah...
Like I was mummified!

This cartoon was also responsible for my two first laughters on the show; the first one coming right after Mark Antony’s line «I should spank you all!», and the second when Runt jumped into the bed after Rita’s song, throwing her head first into the floor and awaking her rage. I don’t watch this episode very often, but when I do it, I enjoy every second of it.


Phranken-Runt is probably my favorite episode of the series (funny thing, I didn't know at the time neither of these episodes were Rita and Runt cartoons, because I didn't know who those characters were) mainly because of it’s songs (that are upbeat and entertaining) but also because of the animation (top-notch) and the humor. I love this episode so much that I actually watch it every now and then (especially for the songs, but sometimes, I sit thru the whole thing). Here’s the lyrics for Let’s try for Two/Use your brain/Let’s try for three:

Let’s try for Two/Use your brain:

Rita: Home ahoy!
Told ya, boy!
Follow my lead
Watch my ploy
You gotta use your brain and think.

Runt: Let's get fed!
Rita: Give it a whirl.
Runt: Hurts my head!
Rita: Oh, Runt, you gotta use your brain.

DrPh: Hot dog, check it out
Santa sent me brains for Scout
Come and stay with Aunty Glory
Forever in my laboratory.

Rita: Watch my stuff.
Runt: Let's begin!
Rita: Don't you bark or
Runt: Track mud in?
Rita: Hey, Runt, you just used your brain.
Runt: Definit-- Definit-- Who me?
Rita: You just used your brain.

Let's Try For Three:

Rita: (spoken) Getting bounced from two homes in one night is
a new record for us.

Rita: Let's try for three
What the sense of stopping now?
Just you and me
We're the pros with the know-how
To get kicked out of every place
We've ever set a paw
Life's rent-free
Let's try for three!


My two favorite parts of this episode are the chase sequence towards the end of the cartoon and the animation on the songs... that last part is especially well-done and it's also the thing that makes me comeback to this episode every so often.

I also laugh at just about every joke.

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